4th Street Clinic Uninsured Services

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Uninsured Services

What are Uninsured Services?

These are for services not covered by Alberta Health Care. Fees for uninsured services are billable directly to the patient.  These services are billable because they involve physician and staff time to complete them.  The fees collected by 4th Street Clinic are within the current Alberta Medical Association (AMA) Uninsured Services guidelines.

Here is a direct link to information regarding uninsured services: Uninsured Services Information. 

The AMA provides Doctors and Clinics with a schedule of suggested form fees. There may be a surcharge for complex forms that require additional time to complete, which you will be informed about ahead of time. 

Payment will be expected before release of the forms, this can be made over the phone by credit card (call us at (403) 640.4320) or paid in the office by cash/debit/credit.

Uninsured Services fee schedule

*Free means covered by Alberta Health Services.

** PLEASE NOTE  It helps enormously if people read through all forms, complete and sign their portion and ensure the physician has all the relevant information before forwarding to the office.  Examples include information requested such as last date at work, current level of functioning, dates of visits to physio / counselling etc.  This is because some of this information may not be known by your physician.  If the office has to call you for further information required to complete the form, then there will be an added surcharge due to the increased time and effort required.  

For disability tax credits, please review the form yourself, understand the high threshold required to qualify and please understand we can only sign them if you truly meet these requirements.  These are not related to having a specific diagnosis (ie arthritis), but the specifics of what you are unable to do in day to day activities (disability).  For example how far can you walk, manage with stairs, use of walker etc.

Healthmyself Online Booking 

Online booking will no longer be available directly through this website, but is available through our Healthmyself portal.  To subscribe to this service, please contact the office at (403) 640-4320 or leave a voicemail with your name and email address.  Our staff members will be happy to send an invitation via email.   For further information visit healthmyself.ca.

Same Day Appointments, Seven Days A Week  

As member physicians of the CWC PCN, all 4th Street Clinic physicians can refer their patients to the CWC Primary Care Centre if a same-day appointment is needed but unavailable. This service is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and from 1 to 4 p.m. holidays and on weekends. This referral service provides an alternative to the walk-in system or a visit to the ER. Click here for more information.